Podenco: How do you keep an active hunting dog?

If you want to give a Podenco a nice home, you should offer him an attitude with plenty of exercise. The four-legged friend has a strong desire for freedom and is not happy if he is not allowed to pursue it. As you can see: racing is fun for Podenco - Image: Shutterstock / DragoNikap

Proper animal husbandry is fundamental for a freedom-loving dog like the Podenco that needs movement. If you can't offer him a lot of time in the green, you shouldn't buy a dog of this breed - he would become inedible and would probably get used to behavioral problems. If you go for a walk with him, you should be prepared for the fact that it will not be boring with the Podenco. Bringing a high level of dog experience is important - ideally with this breed.

The Podenco: a whirlwind with a hunting instinct

A four-legged friend of this breed needs an hour or two of exercise every day, during which it is best to keep him on a leash - his hunting instinct ensures that his reactions are lightning-fast, for example when he spots a rabbit on the horizon. A Podenco owner should always be attentive and ready for anything when walking with his dog and remember that the dog is known for ignoring commands.

It would be wonderful if the dog was allowed to run free on a fenced area in between. The four-legged friend loves to sprint and explore the area at his own pace.

With appropriate posture very calm in the house

Inside, the passionate hunting dog is comfortable with enough workload and likes to sleep a lot. He gets along very well with other dogs and is happy when he can cuddle up in the basket with a four-legged friend who is just as close at night. So whoever holds him together with another dog usually does him a favor. Most podencos get along with dog-friendly cats and usually also treat children very lovingly.

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In addition, the Podenco has very robust health, but with its exuberant nature tends to suffer one or the other injury while walking or romping around.