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Simon's Cat: "Let me in finally!"

In this video, Simon's Cat shows once again that he cannot be locked out by his owner - and does almost everything to draw attention to himself behind the closed door.

"Finally open the door!" Simon's Cat seems to want to call its owner. The cat stands in front of the glass entrance door and waits for her master to let her in. But the meowing of the velvet paw is apparently too quiet. Therefore, the cheeky badger wants to attract attention by other means.

First Simon's Cat tries a soccer ball. "Bang!", The kitty shot the ball at the glass door. But her owner still takes no notice of her. A garden gnome and a flower pot land on the glass until the cheeky kitten's owner notices his darling outside and finally opens it - when the door is closed, however, it breaks down into countless parts. Extremely funny!

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