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A nice home for the Selkirk Rex

A nice home for the Selkirk Rex

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Before a Selkirk Rex moves into their new home, it is important to know which posture the meek cat feels particularly comfortable with. You can find a few tips here. Great family cat: The Selkirk Rex - Image: Shutterstock / Jagodka

First things first: The Selkirk Rex is an uncomplicated cat with a loving, very social nature. Her temperament is balanced but playful, and it is very important to her to be alone as little as possible.

Attitude of the Selkirk Rex

As sociable as this curly cuddly cat is, it should really only be kept in a household where it always has someone to cuddle. Most house tigers like a second cat with a similar temperament - but it is particularly important for this social animal. The human-related four-legged friends also attach great importance to the proximity to their owners. So living in a household where she is not alone too much is very convenient.

If you have a lot of hustle and bustle at home, you don't need to worry. The robust, stress-resistant Selkirk Rex normally has no problem with this. The relatively new breed of cat feels particularly comfortable in keeping in families and is also suitable for children with its playful but balanced temperament and self-confident nature.

Grooming the curly cat

It is best to carefully comb this cat's fur about once a week with a coarse-toothed comb and twice while it is changing fur. Eyes and ears should be checked regularly for cleanliness and any abnormalities.

These cat breeds are suitable for children

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Especially if you offer your cat a free-range position, you should keep an eye on parasites. Their thick fur is unfortunately very attractive for fleas and other small pests. It is best to use a preventive parasite protection to ensure that your pet does not bring in any nuisances. In addition, regularly check the fur for fleas and their aftermath as well as the skin for ticks.


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