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Domestic cat: she feels comfortable with this care

The domestic cat is the most common velvet paw in our region. When it comes to grooming and keeping, it is not as demanding as other breeds. However, there are a few things you should consider if you want to buy a house tiger. Free space is very important when caring for and keeping a domestic cat - Image: Shutterstock / Schubbel

The domestic cat is friendly and independent. Regular care is not as important to them as their freedom. When keeping these cats, it is also necessary that they get their pats regularly. The care of their people is the icing on the cake for their everyday velvet paws.

Domestic cat: house cat or free litter?

Domestic cats feel most comfortable when they can go outside. The forays into nature are a lot of fun for active animals. They explore the neighborhood, browse gardens and green spaces. In principle, an attitude as a house cat is also possible. But keep in mind in any case: If your house cat knows life as a free litter, it will protest acutely against life in the apartment - even with the best and loving care. Getting used to it would simply be too difficult.

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More care tips

But if a house cat lives in the apartment from the start, it can feel very comfortable there. Especially if she still has a playmate. Keeping several cats together is nicer for the animals in almost all cases.

Nevertheless, the room tigers need regular care and care of the fur. The coat of the domestic cat is usually relatively uncomplicated - brushing lightly once or twice a week is usually sufficient. It is best to start when the animal is still very small. So it gets used to it and maybe even enjoys combing it.