Goat & Donkey: One shouldn't separate good friends!

As sad as this video starts, it ends wonderfully: When an animal welfare organization released the billy goat Mr. G from bad posture, no one knew how much he was attached to his friend, the donkey Jellybean. The two were separated. The result: Mr. G didn't want to eat anything anymore.

As nice as a new home is: billy goat Mr. G simply couldn't enjoy it without his best buddy Jellybean, who had been housed in another animal welfare organization. He had lived with him for ten years, and although he was perfectly healthy, the billy goat did not touch his food after the separation. He also didn't want to go out anymore and his carers were very worried.

Can poor Mr. G be saved?

The animal rights activists tried everything to get the sad Mr. G to eat, but he was not enthusiastic about normal food, nor apples, nor porridge. Finally, an intern could no longer watch his misery and came up with an idea: he drove a 14-hour route to pick up the Jellybean donkey from his animal protection facility and bring it to Mr. G.

What happened next can be seen in the beautiful video above: It only took 20 minutes for Mr. G to finally eat again - of course alongside his dearest friend Jellybean. Fortunately, the two should stay together forever from now on!

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