Dog bowl with lid

Dog bowl with lid

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Dog bowl with lid and a bowl lid. We are currently looking for people that like being around animals and who have a love for dogs and have good communication skills as this job involves taking dogs for walks in the garden, to the park or on a dog walking route.

Please be over 18 years old as you will be required to undertake... ...

We have a project where we are currently looking for a project manager to complete various administrative and technical based tasks for our clients.

The ideal candidate will be able to handle a wide variety of projects and tasks from planning and research to executing and management.

Hello, We are looking for a virtual assistant who can work from home. We need someone who can work remotely in USA. Your job is to take orders and sell them on amazon through an affiliate program. You must be in the USA only.

Looking for a freelance content writer that has experience working for local business websites, such as:

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

As you can see this is a long list. If you feel you have what it takes to make...

I am looking for someone who will use an online platform (like Upwork) to offer homecare services for elderly people at their homes.

This is something you have experience with, I can see that you offer this in other countries.


I need a one pager to be sent to my clients (see attached).

Need to be sent today by 9am

the mn issue that the person will be looking for is what the person on the first line and second line sd on the day that she visited

I need the person to write something about themselves and what is wrong about their house that would need work...

My client is a well known company which has a high profile but a relatively small number of employees. It's not a small company but it's not a big company. It's a bit in-between - not big enough to have a team dedicated to support, but not small enough to be as spread out as a more business-oriented service.

This company doesn't have any kind of standard...

I have two projects in front of me that need a content writer. I need someone who can take my existing content and turn it into professional articles with a decent style.

First project:

The project needs about 20 articles of 10,000 words each.

The first article is from 40,000 words. So there's about 10-15 articles that need to be done, depending on...

Good day

Our online store was recently migrated to our new server.

[login to view URL]

One of the products is selling better than the others and the sales is about 3/4 monthly. I have a screenshot of the sales graph that shows the trend.

I believe there are two issues with the product:

1. There are 2,000 free shipping from China (from our company) when I know that there are...

I need to create a simple "tutorial" website that is mobile responsive and can do different tasks (themes).

I will be providing some basic structure for you to take and use but you are free to change around the layout (as it is a very simple website).

The current website is located at

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

I need you to design the new website...

A professional, well researched blog post that is designed to attract new customers to a property.

This is one of my properties so I know that there is opportunity and I have been looking for blog articles that will help drive traffic to my property.

This is an ongoing project so we will be getting more blog articles as time goes by.

I don't have a lot of knowledge or experience on this topic...

Hey Everybody,

My project is to create the content for a trning course on the topic of web application programming.

This course will be about Web 2.0 Web Application Frameworks, Web Application Architecture and some topics around Cloud technologies.

The course will consist of lectures and exercises with some additional material in pdf file format.

I have a list of topics that...

You need to be professional and use real facts in your academic writing. We are looking for a person who can edit/proofread our assignment before they are posted.

In this project you are to find out the percentage of the amount of people that have a car in their household and the percentage of the amount of people that have a smartphone in their household. Then you should present these ...

We are looking for someone to create a custom dashboard application. For instance, we need a tool to report and manage data and operations in a warehouse. There are other examples. We need to define what we need and how it works. It should be developed in Java.

There is an initial design. The first requirements that should be clear are the following:

A dashboard should allow t...

I have an online course that I run, and I am looking for someone to design the content for the pages of the course. We currently have around 6 pages and I would like to grow the course up to 9-10 pages. The course is very easy to use, just the design needs updating.

Looking for an infographic to be created for a project. We require 3 images. 1 for header, 1 for footer, 1 for the page itself.

See images to get an idea of the style of the graphic

The footer image should not be a logo, it should be a line of text and a small graphic in the bottom right hand corner (looks like the line on the picture) with the company name, company logo...

We are an education agency based in Sydney, Australia. We provide content, learning materials, and trning courses to a variety of clients all over Australia and the world.

The current project is to create a digital product based on our course curriculum which is used in Australia, Europe and America.

If this product is successful we will continue to use it for a number of other courses.



i want to design a course which has been previously designed by a freelancer. the freelancer did not follow the specifications we asked. I am sure that he will get better and better on the next works and will deliver a correct course with our specifications. the project starts from the next day. the budget is fixed

We want to create a courseware about the process of creating and publishing websites, using some free to buy software (e.g. Wix).

This is not a course for beginners, but for professionals who want to learn something more about the process of designing a website.

All materials and the process of making are already created by the developer of a website builder called Wix, so we need to ...

I am looking for a content editor


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