Clever dog listens to every word from his master

"Seat!" and "space!" most dogs understand. But the discipline of the cute mixed breed Jumpy is really impressive. He executes every command from his master in a matter of seconds.

"Slowly - stop - back - crawl - go!" Not only is Jumpy a really cute dog, he's pretty smart too. He executes each of these commands - immediately and without errors. His owner only has to whisper an announcement and Jumpy listens to his word. He obviously enjoys it: He wags his tail excitedly as he walks back and forth and waits well.

Of course, the spotted four-legged friend would like to get to his game ball as quickly as possible. But discipline wins, and he patiently executes his master's orders. And it's worth it: In the end, he can romp with the ball and play as he likes. After all, the right reward is one of the most important aspects in dog training!

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