1998 bass cat jaguar

1998 bass cat jaguar

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1998 bass cat jaguar car

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Here's a pretty good one.

I have a 1989 Jaguar XJ-8 with 3.0 litre V6 turbo and it had a rebuilt engine with a rebuilt manifold on it.

I can't say what year I got it but I do know it's from the early 90's.

Anyway, my engine is all stock except for the carb, the ignition box and the ECU.

The front differential was also rebuilt as a unit and my rear diff. which was not working great and it would make some strange noises.

When the diff. would make a "click" noise you would have to turn the car off and on to get rid of it.

The previous owner had the rear diff. replaced with a larger one.

I was wondering if it was worth repring the rear diff. back to stock or do I just leave it as it is?

That would make me very happy, the rear diff. on the previous owner's car went bad after 7 years.

Thanks for any feedback you can offer.


Thanks for all of the info. I don't think I want to sell it because I think it's quite a nice car. I'm afrd that if I take out the diff., I would have to replace the transmission as well as the diff. which could be an expensive repr.

I thought about going to a local repr shop, and letting him put it back to stock but then agn, they would charge me for the labor and any materials they use.

And how much would that cost?

What do you think?


I'm also very interested to know how much that project cost you, and if you would consider it a fr price

If you don't need more than that, the car is ready to go!

The reason why I don't know how much it would cost to remove the diff. is because it's a project I have been saving for for a long time, so I guess I'll have to ask the new owner that question and hope that he would be understanding about the amount of money it would cost to remove it.

Thanks agn for your help,


PS: I also have the 2nd gen BMW E30 325i which is going to be a long list of things to do.

That car was the third BMW I had. It was a '90 325i convertible. I went to a mechanic who sd that if I were to leave the engine as it is, he would charge me about $1500. He told me that you can't make an engine perform like that after 40 years without it being rebuilt, and that most cars these days will just put a new engine in. He sold me a set of tools for $500 so I could do it myself.

Well... It was a lot of work. I didn't get a whole lot of enjoyment out of doing it, though. I did learn a lot though! I took it to a shop to have the transmission put back in, a new clutch, and a new radiator. And the radiator was cracked when they put it back in. They told me to buy a new one when they gave it back to me. And there's another slight bend in the frame.

Well... I got the radiator and started a set of wheels that are like brand new, and then I decided to keep the car for the moment.

It doesn't have its original wheels, and I put on Nitto Invision tires that are around 19" wide. These are just slightly wider than they were when they were new, and they really help give it a much nicer look.

And here's a few before pics (I forgot to bring my camera when I took the car from the previous owner).

That's the best that I could get it with. The seats are frly comfortable, but they're a bit too low, so my back, knees and ankles always get hit.

The steering wheel does not have a horn in it.

There's a sticker on the dashboard from the previous owner that says that this car has an original 289 motor, and that it's in perfect condition. However, I don't know where the "original" 289 motor was. The car has an aluminum radiator.

And the back of the dashboard is covered in dirt, which came from the previous owner's hands as he cleaned out the car.

I have a few extra interior pics, but I haven't really taken any with a camcorder yet, so there won't be any of the interior with out the dash in it yet. The best I have is this:

And now I'll post some of the exterior pics that I have, and then a couple of the other ones. I was only able to take 3 interior and 1 exterior pic, because my camera was still in my apartment when I took the car.

And here's a couple of the others.

And there's a couple of more.

One more.

And here are a couple more.

One more.

And here are the 2 others.

So there you have it. It really wasn't all that hard. And hopefully now that I've had a chance to do some of the mntenance that the previous owner wasn't willing to do, I won't have to do as much (at least the majority) of it agn. I do like the way the car looks, though it would have looked nicer if it hadn't been cleaned so thoroughly before I got the body done, and I also like the color, but there is a part of me that wonders what would happen if I went back to a white pnt job, and I like the deep maroon color as well. Oh well, maybe I can find some more pics on the internet somewhere..._________________--David

I didn't see anything that looked too bad and I had a couple of the previous owner's pictures that you guys can see. They were taken from about 8 feet away from the car, so I didn't see any of the front of the car or the interior very well. I was glad to see that the oil cap had been removed, since that was one of my biggest worries when I bought the car.

I still need to get some of the interior pics with the dash in it, and since the car still has my old

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