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Animal fun: polar bear plays with dogs

Polar bears are aggressive animals that don't understand fun? Not always! As a video shows, the white giants are sometimes very trusting and even cordially friendship with dogs.

This video makes you feel very warm despite the cold environment. Polar bears happily play with dogs. Huskies and polar bears first sniff and touch each other before becoming a little braver. A polar bear even takes a dog in a headlock in a friendly way - maybe to warm it up? After all, you are in the Arctic.

These picture galleries show that sweet animal friendships always develop not only between members of the same species, but also between the most diverse animal species. As the scientist and adventurer Norbert Rosing reports at the beginning of the video, this animal friendship seems to be a species-related exception. Unlike huskies, humans should never approach predators - because these are and remain the stately polar bears.

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