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Sylvester Stallone reveals that the dog was sold out of money

This is a truly heartbreaking story from Hollywood that has now come to light: action hero Sylvester Stallone was once so poor that he had to sell his bullmastiff called Butkus for $ 50. Just a week later, he bought the dog back - for an impressive $ 3,000.


That must be true dog love. As has now become known, the star and director of "The Expendables" was so poor at the beginning of his career that he was dependent on every penny. Poverty even drove the now 66-year-old cinema star so far to sell his dog and loyal companion Butkus, a Bullmastiff, with whom he had previously walked through thick and thin.

Bullmastiff as a film star alongside Sylvester Stallone

But as fate would have it, Stallone was able to sell his script for the later very successful boxer film "Rocky" shortly afterwards. Schnurstracks visited the new owner and asked for a buyback. At first he did not consent and even wanted to mess with Stallone on hell. However, $ 3,000 was able to convince the man to hand over the dog again. The joy over the return of his animal buddy then led Stallone to let the Bullmastiff appear in two "Rocky" films.

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