Nice Christmas gifts for cats

Would you like to give your cat a last minute gift for Christmas? Nothing easier than that - we have collected a few creative ideas that your room tigers will enjoy! Nice Christmas presents for cats - Image: Shutterstock / Sue McDonald

1. For the comfortable parlor tiger: the massage center

Hardly any animal is as comfortable as our domestic cat. To pamper you really well, a little extra pats are exactly what you want. With this luxurious massage center, she can even have fur and paws massaged when her owner is at work - waiting is only half as difficult!

2. For playful cats: the remote-controlled mouse

Who is faster, this brisk toy mouse or your winter-tired house tiger? You would have to try that first. In any case, one thing is certain: it really gets cat and dog on their toes and is therefore the perfect Christmas gift for pets with fuzz in their heads. The mouse is also available in gray!

3. For Christmas Eve: The delicious feast

On Christmas Eve, cats are of course also happy about something special to eat. Many cats love tuna, but you probably know best what your cat tastes like. As always, when choosing food, you should make sure that it is made without sugar and additives and has a high meat or fish content.

4. For cozy explorers: The cat cave with a chic design

And finally, something to cuddle with cats is of course the all-time favorite. This extravagant cat cave is not only fluffy, but also so pretty that the neighbour's cat is likely to be very jealous when she stands at the window and looks over. By the way, even small dogs find a cozy place in the soft cave!

Animal Christmas friends are already looking forward to the festival