Nice bowl pads for a clean floor

If you have cats, you know that around the drinking and feeding bowl is a critical zone when it comes to cleanliness. A bowl pad is very practical to protect the floor from water splashes and food residues. Beautiful bowl pads for a clean floor - Image: Shutterstock / Krylova Ksenia

1. Sweet and quickly cleaned: bowl pad with paws

This bowl mat not only dresses your kitchen or living room floor, but also protects it very well against stains and small floods. Simply wipe the plastic mat in between with a rag to keep your beloved pet's feeding place clean and hygienic.

2. Classic mat made of natural rubber

If you are looking for a classic, simple product for two bowls, you will find various simple, non-slip and unobtrusive models. Different shapes of natural rubber mats fit different bowl shapes available in the animal market and are well suited for owners of two pets.

3. Non-slip and also suitable for water dispensers

A round mat can be used well for a single bowl, on the other hand for a drinking fountain or another drinking opportunity, around which water splashes and small puddles can be created on the floor. Different designs are suitable for different bowl shapes and colors and can of course also be easily cleaned with the neoprene material.

4. Dish for fans of Simon's Cat

If you like the funny cartoon cat Simon's Cat, you will surely find a stylish way to place your cat's food bowls nicely in a bowl mat with Simon's Cat motif. With a size of 43 by 28 cm, plastic material and a non-slip underside, this mat is just as practical as the other models.

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