Dog whines all the time: is he sick?

If a dog whines, and that constantly, it is grueling for the owner in the long run. The whine is usually an expression that the four-legged friend is missing something - either mentally or physically in the form of pain. If you know the causes, a solution can usually be found. What does the dog want to tell when he howls? - Shutterstock / Mikkel Bigandt

If your dog whines for no apparent reason, the causes of this behavior are mostly harmless. But in order to find out exactly, it is important to observe your four-legged friend first: In what situations does your fur nose tend to whine?

Howl because of a bitch in heat

For example, if your dog appears to be in perfect shape and fit, but suddenly starts whining when walking, a bitch in heat can be behind it. The smell turns your darling's head and he literally feels like crying. It takes a moment after walking the street before he has calmed down again.

Territorial howl as the cause

Have you ever noticed in a group of dogs that as soon as a four-legged friend starts to howl, the others quickly join in? This is because dogs are pack animals. They automatically join the whimper to belong to the group and at the same time to signal their power.

Howling at sirens and Co.

Howling is not only contagious for other species, sirens or other warning tones can also cause the dog to give a howling concert. Reason: For the four-legged friends, the sounds do not sound like sirens, but just like another howl. Keyword: territorial whine. Whoever whines also belongs to the group.

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Dog whines: Does he feel alone?

However, your dog may also cry because of grief. For example, some dogs whine as soon as you stop "patting" them, feeding them or taking them for a walk. Especially when masters or mistresses are gone, many four-legged friends tend to whine.

The reason for this is that the four-legged friend is a social being, a pack animal. He didn't learn to deal alone. Some specimens also suffer from separation anxiety. The howling as a reaction is not surprising: the dog loudly calls for your attention.

Puppies in particular have to practice being alone and get used to the fact that they are not always there when they grow up.

Dog howls at night: what to do?

If your darling wails in his sleep, he is probably having a nightmare. You shouldn't wake him up, but you can talk to him gently and stroke him so that he calms down.

If you got the dog from an animal shelter or from a second hand, it may be that it whines because it misses its old family, or is unsettled by the many new impressions.

If the whining doesn't stop, there may also be an anxiety disorder. In this case, it is advisable to go to an animal psychologist or dog trainer.

Dog howls because of pain

Whining can also be a sign of pain. The dog usually whines almost never, but whines almost continuously now that is an alarm signal. Other signs that may indicate pain include slow or careful movements, loss of appetite, and possibly listlessness.

In this case, be sure to take your dog to the veterinarian so that he can check whether your pet has toothache or joint problems, for example.