Cat cries out loud: Possible causes

Cat cries out loud: Possible causes

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If a cat screams, it can go through the marrow. There are various reasons why the house tigers suddenly screech loudly or howl constantly. Here you can find out what can be behind cat behavior and when you should go to the vet. If you want to find out why your cat is screaming, the context is important - Shutterstock / Rudmer Zwerver

Some cats are more talkative than others and like to meow and a lot to communicate with their favorite people. This is quite normal and shouldn't be a concern.

It can also happen that some fur noses have a louder voice than their peers and need not worry you. But why do cats sometimes scream like crazy?

Cat cries out loud: fright, anger or pain?

Is your cat doing well overall, looks healthy and satisfied, but suddenly cries out loud? Then this can usually have the following reasons:

● fright
● anger
● pain

Maybe something near your cat suddenly fell over with a loud clang, causing her to be startled. Or outside in the garden, she was unexpectedly faced by a new dog or a strange cat from the neighborhood.

Anger can arise when you want to force your cat to do something against its will. For example, if you put them in their transport box or want to hold them, for example to remove a tick or to give them a medication.

Pain can obviously be the reason for sudden crying out, for example when someone kicks your cat's tail. It may also be that your cat has injured itself and is howling because of the pain - even if you do not see anything from the outside at first glance.

Pay attention to when your cat is screaming and what it is doing. If she howls heartbreakingly while running, she may have injured her paw and great pain when she appeared. In this case, as a precaution, you should go to the veterinarian to have a possible injury treated.

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Cat cries in territorial fights

Cats also scream when they are involved in territorial fights - out of anger because an intruder wants to contest their territory, with fear or pain when they get a paw stroke from their rival with their claws out.

Cat constantly screams: what can it be?

That cats keep screaming is very unusual. Most of the time it is more like a meow or howl. This can be due to frustration or boredom, for example, but also uncertainty and confusion can hide behind this behavior.

Has your velvet paw just moved into your household or has there been another major change in your life? Then she probably only needs a little time, a lot of love and calm to get used to the new situation.

Does your fur nose live alone? Maybe she lacks a companion or she misses enough opportunities to play and climb. In this case, it can help to put an animal friend at your side and to redecorate your apartment with climbing wall, scratching post, hiding places and elevated places to the cat paradise and to play with her more often.

If the excessive vocalization - like constant meowing, whining, crying and shouting in the technical language - simply does not go away, you should visit a veterinarian. It may be pain or health problems that are unsettling your cat.

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Old cat screams at night: is she sick?

Old cats sometimes scream at night when they are alone. In this case, go to the vet with your pet. In the case of old cats, it cannot otherwise be ruled out that an unnoticed chronic illness will cause them problems, for example:

● renal failure
● heart disease
● high blood pressure
● overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)
● cancer

The earlier such diseases are discovered, the better they can be treated.

However, it is also conceivable that your cat will mentally weaken in old age and develop dementia. Then she is often deeply unsettled, confused and scared and screams, meows and cries because of this.

Cat seniors also often struggle with declining sensory organs, which also frustrates and worries them. If your old cat screams, it may go deaf or blind.

But it may also be that the reason for screaming is harmless - for example, your cat has become accustomed to this behavior because she has noticed that it is giving her attention or food. Nevertheless, play it safe and have your cat checked out by the doctor.

Cat screams when eating

If your cat screams whenever it eats, you should check its teeth. It is quite possible that she has a toothache or inflamed gums and her eating hurts. At the vet, you can clean your cat's teeth and see how dental care works at home.

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When cats scream on the toilet

If your cat screams on the toilet, urinary tract diseases - for example urinary crystals - can be behind it. Constipation or other painful digestive problems are also possible causes. This is also a case for the veterinarian.

Why do cats scream when they are in heat or during sexual intercourse?

If your cat is screaming because she is in a lump it is perfectly normal. It is an instinctive behavior that signals the sexually mature, uncastrated hangovers near mating readiness.

Conversely, loving tomcats tend to have loud chants, which can sometimes sound like screaming to enchant cat ladies who are ready to mate.

If it finally comes to mating, the cat lady also screams out loud. This is because the cat penis has barbs that cause pain when pulled out after the cat's sexual act.

Tip: To avoid unwanted offspring, excessive stress for your animals and screaming during the mating season, you should have your cat or cat neutered.


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