Why do cats love to steal the seat?

Does your cat particularly like to sit on the seat from which you just got up? Why cats prefer to steal the stool of their favorite people is a subject that has so far been neglected by science. Nevertheless, there are a few possible reasons for this behavior. "Gone away, space gone!", This cheeky cat seems to think - Shutterstock / thitirat_chaaim

Some believe that cats steal the seat to show dominance and make it clear to their people that they have the say in the house. However, this would require a strict hierarchy within the family - and there is not really that between humans and cats. Even in pure cat groups, the hierarchy is a complex matter that does not require rigid rankings. What are the motives behind it when the room tigers sit down on the chair or the corner of the sofa that their person has just left?

Warmth entices cats to steal their seats

Cats love warmth and prefer to choose the warmest places near them to sleep and doze, for example in the sun. When you get up from your seat, your body heat warms it up to the perfect cat temperature. It's hard for your kitty to resist stealing your place. Particularly sophisticated chair thieves don't even wait for you to get up, but cheat themselves behind or next to you in the seat to gradually conquer the coveted space.

Stealing a seat as proof of love? Cats like familiar smell

But what could be behind it if your cat is in your favorite place even if you haven't been there for a long time? This could have something to do with the familiar smell you left at your regular place. You may not notice that you exude an individual scent, but the fine cat nose notices this and then combines your smell with security, security, affection and trust. She particularly likes to cuddle up in your seat because she combines the scent with pleasant feelings - in this case, theft of the chair is proof of the love of your fur nose.

Buying cozy sleeping places for cats: tips

Cats love cozy places. No wonder, because they sleep and doze around twenty every day ...

Curiosity: Increased seating gives a better overview

Your seat is also in an elevated position - and cats love elevated seats. There you can keep an eye on the surroundings and watch everything in complete safety and tranquility. At the same time, it can also satisfy your curiosity, especially if it is your chair at the dining table. Even if your cat knows that she hasn't lost anything on the table, she would like to know what is interesting to discover there. And she can do that much better from the chair than from the floor.

Cat steals seat: what to do?

Basically, it seems like a sign of well-being when cats steal your seat. Nevertheless, it can occasionally cause inconvenience to you, for example if your fur nose occupies the office chair at your desk, even though you have to work. In this case, you have several options:

a) You lift your cat up and carry it somewhere else: your kitty will most likely not like this and you may have to expect resistance. A softened variant of this method is to always put a blanket or a pillow on your chair - then you can carry your velvet paw along with the pad somewhat more gently elsewhere.

b) You try to sit next to it and share the space: However, this should be rather uncomfortable for both of you and is therefore only recommended if there is sufficient seating.

c) You carefully push the cat chair aside and get yourself a new chair: This compromise seems best for humans and animals. At least until your cat decides that it is even more comfortable on your lap than in the stolen seat and curls up on your knees just when you need to use the toilet.