Mini-Miez with a handicap turns the robot on a vacuum

The cute black cat in the video is called Cassidy and apparently likes to be driven around. However, he has a good reason for this, because Cassidy's back legs are missing. The velvet paw sits with his handicap on the automatic vacuum cleaner and can be driven by the robot through the apartment. It almost looks like he is driving a ship across a sea of ​​floors.

Cassidy was rescued from a cat colony at nine weeks. He lacks both hind legs below the knees. But that doesn't stop the alert cat from having fun. Why too? Cassidy loves to ride his favorite people's vacuum cleaner and later even wears a funny shark fin in the video! However, after a few weeks in a wheelchair, the cute cat learned to cope with two legs and without a mobile pedestal. Have fun, brave Cassidy!

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