Cat Lazarus sees spring for the first time

Cat Lazarus sees spring for the first time

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Cat Lazarus was saved from freezing by Branden Bingham and his family and is now in excellent health. The little baby cat, who was half frozen to death in a pile of snow, has now become a lively, cuddly young boy. In this video, Lazarus experiences the first rays of the spring sun - and does not particularly like them.

On such a beautiful, sunny spring day, you should enjoy the great weather in the garden, says Lazarus' savior and favorite person Branden Bingham. But the sweet cat with the delicate reddish point drawing and the ice-blue eyes sees it a little differently. At the beginning he hugs his adoptive dad a little shyly. When he puts the velvet paw in the fresh, juicy green spring grass, Lazarus takes a few careful steps, but remains skeptical.

After all, the young cat has only been used to winter so far and has only experienced the garden with snow. Nonetheless, he seems to be curious and interested in sniffing the strange green stuff. Maybe he first has to get used to the many new smells and impressions that spring, according to Eduard Mörike, lets its blue ribbon flutter through the air.

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