Lone Brown Hare Baby Found: Need Help?

Lone Brown Hare Baby Found: Need Help?

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At first glance, a baby rabbit can easily be mistaken for a slightly older baby rabbit. But while wild rabbits are already quite independent as soon as their fur has grown and their eyes open, baby rabbits may need help. But do not act too hastily if you have found a small long tube in the grass. He may be fine and just waiting for his mother. Lonely brown hare babies do not always need human help - Shutterstock / Erni

The brown hare mother comes to her brown hare baby only two times a day - usually at dawn and dusk - to suckle it. Otherwise, the little one is well hidden in the tall grass and is waiting for his mom to come over. Once you have found a brown hare baby, first check whether it is possibly injured and really needs help.

Brown hare baby found? Please don't touch right away!

Unlike rabbits, brown hares are nest escapees. This means that they are already born with fur, open eyes and able to walk, so that they can quickly escape to a hiding place in the event of danger. Wild rabbits, on the other hand, are born naked and helpless in an earth cave and only leave them when their fur has grown, they can see and walk. A four-day-old baby rabbit and a four-week-old rabbit look deceptively similar at first. However, a baby rabbit still needs regular care from its mother and her milk, while a baby rabbit is relatively independent at four weeks. The distinction is important because a healthy four-day-old baby rabbit should never be touched, even if it appears to be lonely and helpless. The mother would then no longer accept it and it would starve.

You can recognize a brown hare by its frizzy fur, which is sprinkled with different shades of brown and black. There are two black dots on the tips of the ears. Older rabbit babies have a smooth fur and no black tips. As long as the little brown hare is well hidden in the tall grass or can hide if necessary, he does not need any outside help at first. Baby rabbits often look for their mother at dawn and dusk. It may accidentally come near you. However, if it escapes quickly, everything is fine.

Dwarf rabbits: So cute are the little bugs

When a baby rabbit needs help

The situation is different when the baby rabbit runs after you and tries to contact you on its own. Similar to squirrel babies who suddenly become affectionate, strikingly trusting baby rabbits also need help. If you have found an injured rabbit child, it has no place to hide or is lying on its side, you should also intervene. This is also the case if your dog or cat has found a baby rabbit or if the long ear has been attacked by crows or other birds of prey. Even if it has no visible injuries, medical help is needed. Then contact a veterinarian who is knowledgeable about wildlife, or a wildlife sanctuary. A list with some care places for wild rabbits can be found, for example, on the Internet at


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