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Let the dog run freely without a leash: pros and cons

If a dog can romp around without a leash and run freely to his heart's content, that means great luck for the animal and the owner. However, free running for dogs is not allowed everywhere and is not always advisable. The dog does not need a leash in the dog playground - Shutterstock / Andrey Arkusha

Depending on the federal state, leashes are compulsory in some areas and areas so that your dog may not run freely there without a leash. On forest trails it is usually allowed if you follow certain rules. Find out what speaks for dog freewheeling and what opposes it here

Pros: Dogs must be able to run freely

Without a leash, a dog can follow his natural urge to move much better and let off steam. For the happy dog ​​soul and a healthy body weight, sufficient exercise is essential. For this reason, some dog owners would like to let their four-legged friend run freely anywhere and anytime. But are the dogs with permanent free running really better?

Why you should leash your dog while walking

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Cons: Dog without a leash - too dangerous?

On the other hand, dogs are primarily animals that are guided by their instincts and are therefore only predictable to a certain extent for humans. It can therefore happen that a dog, without a leash, walks away on the walk, runs on the street or jumps at other people. Maybe he sees a fellow animal and wants to play with it, or a sudden fright can upset him.

Unfortunately, this can always happen if you let your dog run free, so you should keep your dog on a leash without a legal obligation if you are near the street or see people or dogs approaching. In lonelier areas, for example on forest paths, your four-legged friend may notice a prey that awakens its hunting instinct. This can lead to hunting accidents, larger animals such as wild boar can injure your dog or your dog injures smaller wild animals such as rabbits. Once out of sight and hunting, it becomes more difficult to call him back. All of this can speak against walks without a leash.

Compromises: dog playground, towline and free-running training

Basically, the better educated your dog, the better it listens to you and the better your friendship between humans and dogs, the more often you can let your four-legged friend run free. It is important that you can always call him when the situation requires it. As long as this is possible, you can use it without a leash, if permitted by law. You can practice the correct dog training in the dog school with the so-called free-running training.

If your dog has a stable personality and is well behaved and socialized, you can take him to the dog playground and let it run freely. However, keep an eye on him and his body language so that you can intervene if he is not comfortable with the other dogs or feels uncomfortable. The towline is also a compromise between a leash and a freewheel. Your dog has more freedom of movement than on a conventional leash, but cannot simply run away or run towards other dogs and people in an emergency.

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