Todoroki as a cat

Todoroki as a cat

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Todoroki as a cat

Todoroki as a cat (タコノロキ as かおれ as a cat) is a visual novel developed by GONZO for the PlayStation 2 on July 21, 2001. It is set in the present, in a world similar to ours.


In the city of Kamihama, the main character Todoroki has a job and a life with his wife, Aoi, and a pet cat.

The story begins when Todoroki is about to go on his honeymoon with Aoi, and he receives a letter from his childhood friend Aoi, inviting him to the wedding. At the same time, he also learns from his friend, Mio, who has been searching for him, that his mother has been in a car accident. After a brief talk, Todoroki and Aoi go to the wedding, but he notices that Aoi has no wedding ring. She tells him about it, but he is not interested. Later, he finds out that she has already been engaged and he has been the reason for her broken engagement. Aoi is deeply depressed and is unable to face the truth.

Later, when Todoroki returns to his home, he finds out that his mother has died. He receives the letter from Aoi which he forgot to read before. He rushes to Aoi, who is now living alone, and meets her at the hospital. At the hospital, he finds out that Aoi has been lying to him for the past two years. She asks for his forgiveness and says that she wants to have a baby with him. He accepts, but Aoi cannot get pregnant. Todoroki and Aoi move in together. They have a son. After six months, Aoi begins to feel strange. She is often sick and cannot sleep at night.

One day, Aoi comes home with her son. He seems to be acting different and doesn't want to be held. Todoroki finds Aoi's diary and reads her note in it. He gets scared and tries to call his friend, who is a psychic, but he cannot be reached. He finds out that there is a curse on him because he has an evil twin, and he is going to lose Aoi and his child. He decides to leave, but before he leaves, he calls the Psychic Association, and he learns that it is only a delusion. The curse on him does not exist. However, Todoroki sees the face of his friend, which is the only evidence he has. He tries to forget it, but he does not succeed. He decides to go to Aoi's house and try to talk to her.

He is about to get home when he realizes that he is being followed. He finds out that he is being followed by a cat. The cat leads him to a cat box and Todoroki tries to enter it but fails. Todoroki is about to leave when he finds out that Aoi is about to die. The cat leads him to the place where Aoi is going to die. He finds out that the cat is actually a spirit of a cat and a spirit of a human. Todoroki is about to enter a cave when he sees his dead father and his dead mother. He finds out that he is the only human in this world. His dead mother calls him.

Todoroki hears a noise coming from a tunnel and he finds out that his dead mother is talking to him. He enters the tunnel. He sees his dead father walking there. His dead father asks Todoroki to find Aoi. He finds her in an amusement park. She tells Todoroki that she can't move because she is dying. Todoroki finds her, and she gets up. She takes Todoroki in her arms and she sees a cat coming to the scene. She asks the cat to help them, but the cat cannot help her. Todoroki tries to go to Aoi's house, but he cannot get there. Aoi tells him that she wants to tell him something, but it is too late. Todoroki then tries to find his friend, who is the cat in disguise. The cat tells him that Aoi is in danger because he cannot save her. Todoroki has no time to get home, so he asks his cat friend to get Aoi and take her to safety. Todoroki tries to get home and find out that his house is already demolished. He finds out that Aoi has been kidnapped and he must save her.

The game takes place in Kamihama and in a place where a person can enter and leave at will. He must find a way to save Aoi and his son. He has to go through some areas.


Todoroki: the protagonist of the game. He is in his twenties. He has a job and a wife. He has a pet cat, named Todoroki.

Aoi: Todoroki's wife. She is twenty and is the mother of his son. She has been lying to him for two years. She is dying because she has been cursed. She and Todoroki have been looking for his friend, a psychic.

Kusano: Todoroki's friend. He is also a cat, but he is a spirit of a cat. He can take the form of a cat.


Todoroki as a cat received the 12th Annual Computer Games Writers Association's Best Game, Editor's Choice, Readers' Choice, and RPG of the Year Awards. It was also nominated for Game of the Year, RPG of the Year, and Reader's Choice for the 2002 Game Critics Awards. It was also nominated for the 2002 RPGamer Game of the Year Award, the Best Visual Novel of the Year 2001 for Computer Games Magazine, the Game Design Award 2002, and the Innovation Award 2001.

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