Alder grove dog boxes

Alder grove dog boxes

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Alder grove dog boxes – Part 1

In May I received the Alder Grove box for our house in the UK. It came from America but has been shipped to France and then the UK. There is a picture of the box and my reaction here.

In this blog post I look at the boxes for our dogs, and compare them to the one received for us.

Box 1 (in the pic below) has been for our dogs in France. It is very tall and wide, and the box and the sides are made of plywood. The sides are lined with cotton and the inside of the box is lined with a thick felt. I think it is a bit better than ours, because the one we received in May was the bottom of an old dog box and so not lined at all. The bottom of the box (for the French one) is quite hard and seems to be made of thick cardboard or plywood. On the top of the box is a felt layer that covers the felt and is used to carry the weight of the dog inside the box. On the side of the box is a cut out which helps the owner to feed or water the dog.

Box 2 (on the right hand side in the photo) was shipped to the UK in August 2014 and then shipped back to France in December 2014. I received it in August 2015, and it had the added weight of the box, the contents and the packaging of the box itself. It was also bigger than the first one, so we had to remove the bed and the food bowl from it.

Box 3 (on the left hand side in the photo) is the current one. It is the one I received in May 2015. It has the same dimensions as the first two boxes but the shape of the top of the box is different. The top of the box has a cut out that is similar to the one on the side of the box, but it is not as deep, so there is more room inside.

I compared the three boxes with a ruler and my notebook, to measure their width and height. The first box had a width of 2.4 m, the second box had a width of 2.4.5 m and the third box has a width of 2.4.7 m. The height of the first box was 4.6 m, the second box was 4.5 m, and the third box was 4.8 m.

Box 4 (on the right hand side in the photo) is the one sent to us in May 2015, in the UK. It has a height of 3.5 m.

The first box was delivered in June 2014, and the second box was delivered in August 2014. This means that the box that came to us in May has been in the car for two months and the box we got in August for the same two months. So it is probably the same box, but slightly different in the USA.

So if the boxes are the same but they are made by different people at different times, what is the difference between them? The answer is: they all look the same! They have the same dimensions and their colour is the same. The only difference is that the second one is smaller because of the extra weight and the packaging. So if you are a dog owner and you are looking at the prices of the boxes, they will be the same, but the first one will have been cheaper because it is made by a cheaper manufacturer.

And the last question: do we like them? I think the second box is the best, because it has been made by a specialist dog box manufacturer.

I hope I will have the same luck as I did with the first two boxes.

For those of you who are interested, here is the link to the Amazon US site, and here is the link to the Amazon UK site.

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23 thoughts on “Alder grove dog boxes – Part 1”

Thank you for posting this – it’s helpful to know the measurements, especially with our new dog. We were really lucky with the first box, I had it for a few weeks before it was delivered. But then we had a second box sent from England. This was the box with all the weight and it was also the first box to be delivered without a bed. When that happened, the box wasn’t tall enough for our 10 year old dog so he couldn’t fit in. And that was that. We ended up with the box below, which is only good for a few months until the next box arrives. And it will arrive again this month!

We will be getting the third box in July! Can’t wait. We will keep the one we have until then. I think we’ll have to remove the bed and the food bowl, as it’s too small for our dog – but she likes it!

Hi Janine, sorry to hear you were a bit disappointed with your first box. It sounds like a bit of a nuisance. We have a 2.5 m box, so the 2.4 m ones are really a little tight in the US. I will probably go down a size!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. After reading this blog and seeing the photos of your three boxes, I have finally ordered a Alder Grove box! We have a 2.5 m box and they just made my wife sad and she said it is too small and that is the reason we bought this. Thanks so much.

Thank you, for sharing the info about the Alder Grove boxes. I was wondering about the dimensions. We have a 2.5 m box. They have a smaller 2.4 m box in the US. Is this the same size as your 2.5 m one?


The dimensions of the Alder Grove box are not exactly 2.4 m, but the top, bottom and sides are only 1.5 m high.

We have had two boxes in our life. The first was the 2.5 m box, but our dog couldn’t fit in it. We didn’t think that

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