Hop! Great! Funny horse loves his ball

Hop! Great! Funny horse loves his ball

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Ficcochino, the horse in the video, is overjoyed. He plays ball with his two-legged girlfriend and he really enjoys it. Bubbling with zest for life, Ficcochino jumps and jumps around his ball, clutches it with his front legs and tries to bite heartily. Fortunately, the ball is stable, so the fun of the game is not interrupted by a sudden loud bang from the sweet horse.

The beautiful brown animal with the white star on the forehead and the sweet white snip on the muzzle has a great time playing ball. Some of his human trainer can hardly keep up with him, the cunning horse jumps around his favorite toy so stormily. It seems that Ficcochino can hop around his ball all day like a young foal and enjoy life.

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